Our Clients : Carrie Hall and Associates Financial and Insurance Services | Scottsdale, AZ

Our Clients

Our clients share the following characteristics...


  • Strong family commitment and values
  • A high level of integrity
  • Respect long-term relationships
  • Prioritize family legacy and harmony among members
  • A vision of the future for business and personal life


  • Is committed to helping the community through charity or civic organizations
  • Is well respected by their employees and the community


  • Is an affluent individual or family who wants to complete or update an integrated financial and estate plan and/or strategic giving plan
  • Is a business client who wants to provide innovative benefit planning to hire and retain key executive staff or complete integrated business planning
  • Respects and utilizes advisors and is open to new ideas
  • Is willing to take the time to plan and is honest about their feelings and concerns
  • Is able to make important decisions effecting family and estate planning